Press relations

​​​​​For press enquiries please contact press adviser Ole Mikkelsen, tel. +45 3363 6027 and Teis Hald Jensen, tel. +45 3363 6066.

When visiting Danmarks Nationalbank, e.g. for press conferences, journalists and photographers must present a valid press card to get access.

Danmarks Nationalbank holds press conferences twice a year in connection with the release of Monetary reviews. Journalists must sign up in advance in order to get access to the press conference.

If you want to sign up for a press conference or have questions please send an email to or call us on tel. +45 33 63 70 00.​​

Press inquiries summer 2020
From July 4 to July 22, journalists are kindly asked to contact Press Advisor Teis Hald Jensen on tel. +45 3363 6066 or email:

From July 23 to August 3, journalists are kindly asked to contact the Head of Secretariat and Communications Camilla Benedikte Riemer Penn on tel. +45 2077 5646 or email:

From August 3 to August 9, journalists are kindly asked to contact press advisor Ole Mikkelsen on tel. +45 3363 6027 or email: