1000-krone banknote

The 1000-krone banknote, depicting The Great Belt Bridge and The Sun Chariot, was issued on 24 May 2011.

Format 165 x 72 mm.

The Great Belt Bridge
The Great Belt Bridge, consisting of the Eastern and Western sections was inaugurated in 1998. The Eastern section links the island of Sprogø to Zealand and is 6,790 metres long. The Great Belt's Eastern Channel, spanned by the suspension bridge, has the status of international waters. The maximum vertical clearance is 65 metres. At 254 metres, the pylons are two of the highest points in Denmark.

The Sun Chariot
The Sun Chariot was found in September 1902 when Trundholm Bog in north-western Zealand was ploughed for the first time. It was made in the early Bronze Age in approximately 1400 BC. The elegant spiral ornamentation adorning the golden sun disc reveals its Nordic origins. The Sun Chariot demonstrates the belief that the sun was drawn on its eternal journey by a divine horse. However, the chariot is not intrinsic to this belief. Both the sun disc and horse are mounted on wheels to show the movement of the sun.