20-krone coin

Abstract icon On Friday 26 May 2023, Danmarks Nationalbank will put 20-krone coins with a new portrait of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe into circulation.

The coins will not replace, but enter into circulation together with the current coins. The coins are introduced in line with demand.

If you are interested in getting one of the new coins, and you do not want to wait to get hold of one via the regular circulation, you can buy one of Danmarks Nationalbank's coin sets at the Royal Danish Mint's webshop (www.kgl-moent.dk). The coin sets featuring the new portraits will be available from 26 May.



The dominant ornamentation of the 20-krone coin is a portrait of the sovereign, which is in keeping with tradition for the highest denominations of Danish coins. The portrait is created by sculptor Eva Hjorth, who wanted the portrait to reflect the Queen’s experience, authority and age. The portrait is designed in accordance with the classical coinage tradition.

The reverse of the 20-krone coin shows three lions and nine hearts framed by a circle with a crown at the top. On either side of the crown is ornamentation. The coat of arms with three crowned lions has been used by Danish kings for the past 800 years. In the 1500s, it was decided that the number of hearts should be nine.

Previous versions
The portrait is changed from time to time to ensure a contemporary portrait which is as close a likeness as possible. Three other portraits of Queen Margrethe have previously been used for the coin series currently in circulation, created by:

Sculptress Hanne Varming (put into circulation in the period 1990-1993)

Medallist Jan Petersen (put into circulation in the period 1994-1999)

Sculptor and professor Mogens Møller (put into circulation in the period 2001-2010)

Sculptor Lis Nogel (put into circulation in the period 2011-2022)


Technical specifications

Alloy: Aluminium bronze

Diameter: 27.0 mm

Weight: 9.3 grams

Rim: Interrupted milled