New versions of Danish banknotes

Abstract icon On 17 November 2020, new 500-krone banknotes will be introduced in Denmark.

​On 17 November 2020, new 500-krone banknotes will be introduced in Denmark. In the next few
years, other denominations of banknotes are also due to be issued in new versions. The new
banknotes will look a lot like our existing banknotes, but with a few minor differences. 

The easiest way to recognise the new 500-krone banknotes is to look for the so-called window thread,
which has been made more visible. It is a red dotted line that has now moved to the front of the
banknote with the bridge.

But remember: The current banknotes will still be valid, so you do not have to exchange them for new ones.

​Why are we issuing new banknotes?

In recent years, Danes' use of banknotes and coins has decreased considerably as digital payments
have gained more and more ground. The sharp drop in the use of cash has led
Danmarks Nationalbank to change the way cash is produced and to outsource the production to France.
The current banknotes are also highly secure, but as Danmarks Nationalbank is responsible for providing
secure Danish banknotes and coins, it has chosen to take the opportunity to upgrade the security of the
banknotes to make them even harder to counterfeit.


​Do I need to do anything?

You can continue to use banknotes and coins as usual. The new banknotes will be in circulation
together with the old ones, and no banknotes will become invalid. Unless you look carefully at it, you
will probably not even notice that you are holding one of the new banknotes. 

What do the new banknotes look like?

The new banknotes are very similar to the ones we are using now. But there are slight differences.
In the video below, you can get a closer look at the new 500-krone banknote, the first banknote to be
issued in a new edition. 


​Here you will find help for more information about the new banknotes: